Ductless humidifier installations are often the Humidity Solution

Humidity Solutions are pleased to announce the launch of a new fan distribution unit which allows humidity to be added to applications where there isn’t any suitable ductwork and the humidifier should not be seen. This is thanks to the Neptronic Remote SDU for the Neptronic SKR unit.

Museums, art galleries, houses and humidors are typical of applications where humidity is desired or required but the aesthetics of the room is important and visually a humidifier is not acceptable.

With the new remote Neptronic SDU fan distribution head the humidifier can be installed in a separate room, cupboard or behind a partition with the steam introduced via the unobtrusive grill in the space.

The modern design of the Neptronic SDU front grill blends into most environments plus it has the added benefit of keeping the humidifier out of the space facilitating easy access for maintenance and reducing noise. Whilst the humidifiers are not noisy a click of a drain valve or the water flow through the inlet valve is not welcome in a quiet application such as a gallery so to keep the noise level to 40 d BA which is the rating of the fan head is an advantage.

Competitively priced and complimenting the rest of the Neptronic range this SDU adds design and practicality making it the humidity solution for another set of applications.

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