Dehumidifiers suitable for 24/7 storage of valuable items

Things are changing for boats, caravans, holiday home and classic car storage.  Recently, a £1m yacht caught fire due to an electrical fault with a home dehumidifier that was being used on the boat to keep it dry.

The insurance company made a ruling regarding domestic electrical appliances used with high value items namely a home dehumidifier should not be used for boats, garages, holiday homes and classic car where they are used to protect high value items.  In short don’t use a domestic appliance where a commercial unit is needed.

A home dehumidifier was never designed to work 24/7 unattended.  Only industrial grade units with specifically designed safety features are designed to run all day every day.  If a dehumidifier is designed to be used for home use only check your insurance policy before putting it next to your treasured boat.

Humidity Solutions supply the only product compliant to CE that is small, powerful and fit for purpose in the market.


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