Abbatoir Humidification

The Airtec high pressure water humidification system has been employed within abattoirs to greatly reduce financial losses within this market sector. The way of achieving this is to reduce the weight loss from the carcases as they are cooled from body temperature at 37°C to 12°C in a 12 hour period. During this period the product can lose up to 3% of its weight due to the carcase loosing moisture through the refrigeration process.

Very fine sprays produced by the Airtec high pressure water system surround the product with high humidity air of around 95%rh to reduce the evaporation process to limit the amount of weight lost. This is achieved because as the cool air is warmed as it passes the carcase the air is able to increase its moisture carrying capacity so when the air is humid this becomes to source rather than taking moisture from the product. On a side of beef this can be as much as 3kg which as the product is sold by weight this is a 3kg loss in value and hence lost profit.