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Industrial & Commercial Humidification Applications

Humidity Solutions have a wide range of humidifiers in stock for immediate delivery. These humidifiers suit a variety of commercial or industrial humidification applications. If not in stock typically 3-4 weeks is the lead time from time of order to delivery.

A large quantity of Spares and consumable for the Humidity solutions range of equipment is kept in our Leatherhead warehouse for quick delivery.
Installation is a service we offer from a single small wall mounted unit to a whole system service a large factory or office involving CDM. Free site surveys are offered to ensure that we are providing the best solution for your application which can be followed by a quotation for the supply of the equipment alone or to include installation and / or commissioning or a maintenance contract tailored to your site specific needs.

  • pharmaceutical_humidification

    Pharmaceuticals & Cleanrooms

  • libraries_museums_galleries_humidification

    Libraries Museums & Galleries

  • cold_room_humidification

    Cold Rooms

  • leisure_wellness_humidification

    Leisure & Wellness Centres

  • data_centre_humidification

    Data Centres & Telecom Rooms

  • food_agriculture_humidification

    Food & Agriculture

  • charcuterie_humidification


  • textile_timber_wood_humidification

    Textile Timber & Wood Processing

  • printing_humidification


  • hospitals_operating_humidification

    Hospitals & Operating Theatres

  • oil_platforms_humidification

    Oil Platforms

  • microprocessor_manufacturing

    Microprocessor Manufacturing

  • adiabatic_cooling

    Adiabatic Cooling

  • office_meetingrooms_humidification

    Offices & Meeting Rooms

  • yoga_studio_humidification

    Yoga Studios

  • steam_bath_humidification

    Steam Baths

  • residential_domestic_humidification


  • vehicle_storage_humidification

    Vehicle Storage