Libraries, Museums and Galleries

Libraries, Museums and Galleries

Some of the most prestigious museums and libraries in the UK are served by Humidifiers supplied to systems designed by Humidity Solutions.

Artefacts require a stable environment to ensure that the fibres within the hygroscopic materials (wood, paper, leather) do not expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity which is the process which causes the deterioration of valuable items.

Glues, mould growth, warping and fading are all unwanted results of poor climatic control. Humidity levels are ideally kept at a stable condition between the values of 45 – 65% RH.

In the UK, most humidity problems relate to low RH, so that humidification is the most common requirement.  However, there may be situations requiring dehumidification – perhaps even both at different times of the year.  In all such cases, systems designed to provide the required level  of control for the specific project are essential.

Humidity Solutions are delighted to have developed a relationship with two of the major museum associations, and are proud to be Associate Suppliers to AIM and Specialist Supplier to the Museums and Heritage Advisor

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